Face Shape Guide

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When investing in a statement sunglass, it is important to make sure that the sunglass looks the best on your face. In order to choose the best pairs of sunglasses for your face, you should be aware of your faceshape and the types of sunglasses that go with your face shape and the type of sunglasses that are never a good match for your particular face shape. Usually, women and men have different face shapes and we break down the face shapes and the types of sunglasses that go best for each face type.

These are the primary face shapes that are the most common:

face shape


People who have a triangle shaped face have a wider jaw and the face gradually narrows down towards the forehead. The sunglasses best suited towards this face shape include retro sunglasses, smaller lens shapes and cat-eye glasses.

face shape


For this type of a face shape, there are greater angular lines on the face and people with this face shape have wider cheekbones, wide forehead and jaw. The best sunglasses for people with this face shape include rectangular frames and square glasses. Aviators, wayfarers and big circular sunglasses can go very well for this face shape.

face shape


A person with a round face shape has slightly widened cheekbones and also a wide forehead and jaw. Since the round face shape is quite similar to the heart shaped face, most of the sunglasses that look good for people with a heart shaped face, also works well for people with a round face shape.

face shape


A person with an oval face has wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing can be observed towards the forehead and the jaw. The sunglasses that work the best on oval face shapes include cat eye glasses, the rectangular lenses as well as wayfarers.

face shape


People with the heart shaped face have a wide forehead and the gradually narrowing features till the jaw. The sunglasses that would go best for this face shape include retro sunglasses that are narrow and smaller. Also sunglasses such as cat-eyes and aviators would work well for this face shape.